My results

4x freestyle
football world champion
2011 Prague
2012 Lecce 
2013 Tokyo
2014 Liberec

1x freestyle
football european champion
2013 Budapest


Hi, I’m Kitti Szász, four times freestyle football world champion. I’ve been freestyling since 2008. During this period I have been freestyling in 30 different countries around the world and kicked the ball together with famous football players like Neymar, or Formula1 drivers like Vettel or Ricciardo. I’ve also met Pep Guardiola, Inzaghi, Materrazzi, Cannavaro and Lucas Moura. And the journey continues which you can follow on my social media channels.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me or, if you have a new idea, don’t hesitate to ask.